Ecojustice is Canada’s only national environmental law charity. As a 100% donor-funded charity, it was imperative that they do everything possible to ensure that their donation forms could perform as well as possible.

Our mobile responsive forms have performs exceptionally well for them. The donation page acts like a landing page, giving the 50% of new users who land on the page the opportunity to learn about ecojustice, while allowing returning supporters to jump right into the donation process.

Ever present forms

By allowing the form to scroll with desktop users as they read content on the page, we’ve ensured that users who need more information before taking action can do so immediately.

Multi step donation forms

Creating  a donation form made up of smaller steps makes the donation process much less intimidating than a traditional form that packs all of the required fields into one page.

Mobile Responsiveness

We collapsed the form and fixing the call to action at the bottom of mobile browser windows.