As an AOR client, I had the opportunity to work with Humane Society International on an number of different initiatives. Most recently we worked with them to develop an annual strategy that focused on learning as much as possible about their supporters.

After collecting data on their advocacy and donor base, we spent a good deal of time sifting through data, observing user behaviour and looking at research studies in order to develop personals to use in their marketing efforts.

Specific Features

Each persona was built using data extracted from our CRM, and using analytics data from site visitors. We also build a profile for users around several standardized test conducted by psychologists, used to evaluate animal welfare supporters.

Using a holistic approach we were able to identify behavioural insights for supporters in different age groups and genders. HSI is using these personas to create campaigns that will appeal to new and existing supporters.

A legend was created for the personas to ensure that the end users would have an easy reference for the shorthand we created in order to pack more information into each page.