League Inc. began as a health care professional directory service, But in the last 6 months they have radically changed their direction to try and disrupt the traditional model of benefits for small and medium sized businesses in Canada and the US.

Originally intended to be a 4 week engagement, the outstanding work I did with them initially led them to extended my contract to 5 months in order to help them with a complete overhaul of their their platform.

Contract Elements

Registration Overhaul

When I first Arrived at League, The existing system had some limitations for how we capture information for health care professionals. One of the first projects I was tasked with was overhauling the flow for registering these individuals.

Before I began, the registration process had 6 steps and included a screen between each step detailing what would come next. Needless to say, there was plenty of room for streamlining the flow.

When done, the registration process down to three concise screens that allowed users complete the complex process quickly and efficiently.

Tasks: Research, System Auditing, Wireframing, Layout/design

Benefits Quoting and Purchasing Tool.

As part of the platform overhaul. League began the move towards offering fully comprehensive benefits to employers.

One of the most critical element of this was building a quoting wizard that would allow employers to receive a rough estimate for benefits based on rough assumptions that could be fine tuned to provide a more accurate quote.

The tool is build to feed all of the information gathered into Salesforce along with a live link to a saved copy of the estimate. At launch the tool will trigger a manual contract negotiation process with LEague’s sales team. A future release will allow potential customers to sign up for services automatically using Docusign.

Revised HR Admin Panels.

A revision to the HR portal was required to allow administrators to manage thier plan. unlike a standard reporting dashboard, we needed to allow admins to view and purchase corporate services from the system. The new layouts are clean, elegant and simple to use.