There’s a lot of confusion around cancer screening. In order to ensure that this confusion would be minimized for the people of Alberta, I spearheaded a total redesign of screeningforlife.ca, by answering the most common questions about cancer screening in an easy and intuitive way.

The home page was designed to address the most common question people had about cancer screening. Besides a quick self assessment tool, the homepage also allows users to find out what screening is, who needs to be screened, how to get screened, and what the risks and benefits are for screening.

User Experience Components

The homepage features a quick self assessment tool. By answering 2 simple questions (your age and sex) the user learns what kind of screening is right for them.

Users are able to rollover the highlighted areas to learn what the screening recommendations are for someone of their age and sex. If more information is desired, users are offered the option of taking a full assessment, or book a screening.

The full risk assessment tool guides users through easy to answer questions about lifestyle, family and health history.

As each question is answered, the user is given immediate feedback about how their answer affects their risk. At the end of the risk assessment, users are shown a summary of their answers and asked to print the results so they can discuss them with their doctor.

By combining all three assessments into one, we were able to make the entire process simple, easy to navigate, and provide solid personalized benefits to anyone using the tool.

reduction in the number of calls received by AHS about cancer screening.
self assessments completed